Connect Incognito

Use Shuffle phone numbers to connect and stay private. Never again share your regular number online or with strangers.

Users in 35+ countries trust Shuffle to protect their privacy, identity and safety.

  • Quick Account Setup

    Setting up your account is quick and simple. In just a few steps you’ll be able to start using Shuffle to connect.

    Shuffle - Quick Account Setup
  • Create a Shuffle Number

    Simply enter the area code and a label for your new Shuffle number, tap “Create Number” and you’re done.

    Shuffle - Create a Shuffle Number
  • Voice Calls

    Use Shuffle like a regular phone to connect with other mobile users and fixed lines—or with other Shuffle users.

    Shuffle - Voice Calls
  • SMS & Picture Messaging

    Send/receive SMS or picture messages to/from regular mobile numbers or other Shuffle users. Shuffle-to-Shuffle messages are free.

    Shuffle - SMS & Picture Messaging
  • Multiple Numbers

    Create a number for every occasion to manage social or business needs without exposing your regular contact details.

    Shuffle - Multiple Numbers
  • Shuffle Email Aliases

    Set up a Shuffle email alias for public use so your regular email address can’t be harvested and spammed.

    Shuffle - Shuffle Email Aliases
  • Unique Voicemails

    Each Shuffle number comes with its own visual voice mailbox and greeting using voice or text to speech functionality.

    Shuffle - Unique Voicemails
  • Transparent Pricing

    There’s no “credit model” that disguises costs. Shuffle uses actual dollar amounts for account balances and service fees.

    Shuffle - Transparent Pricing
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How you can use Shuffle every day

  • Second Number

    For everyday use to connect with family, friends and general contacts. Just like a regular number.

  • Dating Services

    Going on a new date? Always use a Shuffle number to connect in case things don’t work out as planned.

  • Classified Ads

    Never give your real number or email to strangers or an online service again—use Shuffle to stay safe.

  • Job Searching

    With a Shuffle number for each job application, you'll always know which potential employer is calling.

  • Social Networking

    Protect yourself from potential abuse—use your Shuffle contact points to connect on social networking sites.

  • Short Term Projects

    Stay organized with affordable separate numbers, voicemail inboxes and emails for different projects.

  • Home Business

    Shuffle is perfect for your home business so you can have a separate identity and professional image for everything work related.

  • Get a Local Number

    Travelling or have a client who lives far away? Get a local number and make communicating cheaper and more accessible.

  • Staying in Touch

    Texts between Shuffle users are free—even more reason to invite your family and friends to join the Shuffle community.

Praise for Shuffle

“Shuffle’s new iPhone app lets you create disposable phone numbers... and emails, too!”

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A layer of privacy for your phone

Users in 35+ countries trust Shuffle to protect their privacy, identity and safety.