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What is Shuffle?

Nowadays, your phone number and e-mail is increasingly exposed to all kinds of threats like contact harvesting, spamming, stalkers, and more.

What if you could shuffle your contact details and simply vanish when and from whom you want?

Shuffle is a disposable phone number and email alias service that allows you to create multiple unique phone numbers and e-mails to connect privately without exposing your personal contact information.

Let’s say you want to sell your bike online. Simply generate a new local Shuffle number and label it “Bike Ad”. When someone calls it, the label will show on your phone so you know what the incoming call is about.

Shuffle can also generate a disposable email address that forwards messages to your regular email account but keeps your private address safe.

What about online dating? Generate another Shuffle number, label it “Online Dating” and use this number to hand out to your potential new date. If they turn out to be a total creep, simply delete the Shuffle number and you’re gone!

If someone is bugging you on a Shuffle number while you still need to keep it active, just add them to the blocked list and your Shuffle number appears to them to be non-existent.

With Shuffle you get free voice calls and text messages with any other Shuffle user over Wi-Fi or on your phone's data plan. Shuffle also offers affordable VoIP minutes and text messages with non-Shuffle contacts.

Each Shuffle number comes with its own voice mailbox and personalized message using voice recording or text to speech functionality.

So sell your bike and go on that date: With Shuffle you always keep your personal contact details safe while connecting with the world in complete privacy.

Shuffle allows you to have multiple phone numbers on a single device, making communication for various personal or business needs simple and completely safe.

Here’s some examples where Shuffle will be handy for you to use:

Shuffle - connect privately.

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