Your real phone number is for those you trust.

For everything else, there's Shuffle.

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Use Shuffle for:

  • Your New Small Business

  • Buying and Selling Online

  • Dating, Meetups & Hookups

  • Podcasting & Radio Shows

  • Shareable "Home" Phone Number

  • Your Child's Own Phone Number

  • Social Networks

  • A Local Number in a New City

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Shuffle works exactly as advertised - it helps me take control of my communications and is incredibly important to my daily workflow. I highly recommend it!

James C

I like Shuffle a lot and have been using this since a long time. Would definitely recommend. Customer support is nice.

Neala R

Professional Title
The Shuffle phone team provides excellent customer support when I experienced a problem with texting, they immediately replied.


High Quality Calls

Shuffle uses the latest technology available to ensure you get the best call quality whether you're connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data networks.


Send text and picture messages just like you do on your existing mobile number, to your customers, friends & family, or whomever you're messaging.

Email Aliases

Protect your email address by giving pushy marketers and in-person salespeople a Shuffle email alias instead of your personal or business email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't people hear me?

The most common reason people cannot hear your audio is that you did not provide Shuffle with access to your microphone when prompted. Launch Settings > Shuffle > and make sure the Microphone permission is toggled green.

Can I get a phone number in XX area code?

The answer is probably yes, however some area codes no longer have numbers available. In that case, those area codes also have overlay area codes with many numbers available. Choose the overlay area code instead. For example, the 519 area code also has 226 and 548 area codes overlaid over the same geographical area.

Is there a free trial?

No, however we offer every person that makes their first in-app purchase bonus USD $1.49 credit.