10 Great Reasons to Get a 2nd Number on Your Smartphone [Updated Feb 21, 2020]


More than 70% of North Americans have a smartphone. And we are increasingly doing everything on that phone, from work calls to personal calls to sending text messages to accessing email to surfing the web to mobile commerce, and so on. And while most of us use separate emails to manage different aspects of our lives, we only have one phone number.

But what if you don’t want every person from every aspect of your life to have your private mobile number? Did you know your personal privacy is at risk every time you share your personal contact details online or with people you don’t intend on having a connection with over the long term?

So what’s the answer? Simply download an app like Shuffle, and setup a 2nd or 3rd number on your smartphone for everyday use!

With Shuffle, you can instantly create multiple phone numbers on your smartphone to connect with the world, all while keeping your personal contact details safe. On a single device you can now have a separate number for acquaintances, business contacts, classified ads, dating, home businesses/side hustles, a private line for people you care about, and so much more.

10 Great Reasons to Get a Second Number

1. Social Media. Don’t post your private mobile number online anywhere, especially on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that just about anyone can access.

2. Online Shopping. If you shop online a lot, then you know you have to provide a phone number for online orders. Yup, and you wonder how that vacation company got your personal mobile number? Your data could have been sold to advertisers, or it could have been exposed in a data breach.

3. Networking. Use an alternate number for networking with other people. That way the same number on your LinkedIn profile is the same number you give out to people you just met at work events or networking socials.

4. Dating. If you’re on the dating scene, then you know how important it is to keep your personal number personal. It’s quick and easy to create a new number on your iPhone and give that out to the next person that asks for your number!

5. Job Search. Want to be sure you don’t miss that call from a recruiter? Create an exclusive number for your job search and use it for that next career move.

6. Freelancing Business. Working with a new company or team for a short stint? Want to keep your work calls and messages organized in one thread? Set up a Shuffle number for your next freelance gig or side hustle.


7. Car Services and Taxis. Do you use Uber, Lyft, car services or taxis a lot? Don’t share your private mobile number with random people you won’t ever see again. Set up a number for services and start using it today.

8. Professional Services. Are you a realtor or MLM marketer who has to list their phone number everywhere online and off? Don’t use your personal mobile number for the whole world to see – you’ll never get it back again!

9. Ordering Out. If you order out a lot, you’ll need to provide a phone number for takeout. Do not give them your private mobile. Give them your alternative number and keep your personal contact info out of the hands of strangers.


10. Classified Ads. Selling your car on AutoTrader or, or selling your couch on Kijiji or Craigslist? Create a separate number for prospective buyers. That way you know what they’re calling about and, better yet, random people trolling the Internet don’t get your personal contact information.

Try it for yourself. Download Shuffle at the iTunes app store, and let us know how you use it!