New Features Released On Shuffle!

Calgary, Canada – October 8, 2015
Press Release

Shuffle, The Popular Disposable Phone Number App, Announces Brand New Features

In response to requests from their already robust community, the disposable phone number and email address app, Shuffle, has shipped a series of new features to help make the disposable phone numbers as useful as possible.

Smartphones have consolidated our tech, but they haven’t consolidated our contacts. These days, it’s common to use one’s personal phone for everything from calls to texts to emails with family, friends, and work. That makes things confusing, as people are dealing with everything all from one device. Shuffle is a disposable phone number service that helps people organize their lives into discrete phone numbers.

Each phone number is accessible on the user’s phone and switching between them just takes one tap. They come with US or Canadian area codes and include voice calls, text and picture messaging, and a voice mailbox. Phone numbers are also deletable, so if they stop being useful or are compromised by telemarketers or spammers, users can simply throw them away. They also are the only disposable phone number service that also offers an email-forwarding alias.

Shuffle has already built up a robust community of more than 7,000 users and their latest batch of updates aims to serve that community as well as bring on new users. The updates include picture messaging, the ability to forward calls directly to voicemail, unique icons and color-codes for each number, and an iOS9-ready version.

All of these services come at a transparent, fixed price point, making Shuffle the affordable way to manage multiple numbers and email addresses.

“Shuffle offers users a flexible, smart communication solution at extremely low rates,” Shuffle founder Craig Collett said. “We address the need for personal privacy where individuals take on different identities in today’s complex and interconnected social and business lifestyle.”

Today’s professionals struggle to balance personal, professional, and transactional contacts. Shuffle makes that task easier and smoother, while protecting the personal information of every user. Utility, ease, and privacy — that’s Shuffle.

About Shuffle

Shuffle enables users to create disposable phone numbers and email aliases so they don’t have to share private contact details with strangers. Each Shuffle number comes with voice calls, text/picture messaging and a unique voice mailbox. New features include picture messaging, forwarding to voicemail, unique icons and color codes for each number, and an iOS9-ready version.