The Road to $10K – Part 2

Welcome back to Shuffle’s “Road to $10K” blog series. As discussed previously, we’re documenting our experiments, changes, and attempt to hit $10,000 a month in revenue. We will try things that don’t work, we will try things that do, and overall we hope to show you what it’s like to grow an app business 10x in what will hopefully be a short period of time!

If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

So, how did September 2019 go? Really well, actually! During September we made the following changes:

  • Released a new website!
  • Released a new version of the app that stripped out an analytics platform that’s shutting down in a few months.
  • Created an account at AppFollow to get some more visibility on competing apps.
  • Sanket wrote a great post about how businesses can save hundreds of dollars each month.
  • Continued designing a new version of the mobile app.
  • Formed a relationship with a firm that will provide us with two interns, who will begin work on a Shuffle web app!
  • Started setting up our own email marketing server, instead of paying for solutions like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.
  • Localized the App Store listing in Portuguese, Spanish, German and Russian.
  • Removed under performing keywords and tried some new ones.

And what did all of that effort lead to? Huge gains in App Store impressions, product page views, installs, and sales!

Sales/revenue in September was USD $1,893 representing an increase of 75% over August! Sales per paying user were also up 6.25%, meaning Shuffle customers spent more (on average) than they did in August.

Sales by week: June to September 2019

App units (installs) were up 42% over August, sitting at 986 for the month. Almost 1,000 new devices had the Shuffle app installed in September!

App Units (installs) by week: June to September 2019

No doubt there will be up and down weeks, but as long as the trend is upwards then that means that we are finding new customers, and that they are enjoying using the app. Bringing stability to the app has no doubt helped, along with improving the App Store listings with new descriptions, keywords and previews, localizing the App Store listing in other languages/stores, and generally making ourselves more known.

You can also see that the number of new devices, and number of active devices, continues to trend up.

Flurry Analytics – September 2019

One thing we’re really proud of is how little information we collect from our customers. We don’t know your names, your real phone numbers, home addresses, etc. All you need to get started with Shuffle is a valid email address! That does mean that it makes it a bit harder to figure out which demographics are using the app and why, but of course we can always just ask. 🙂 That means only a small number of people will fill out any user surveys we run, but some information is better than none.

We have one more thing we’d like to show you! A short preview of the Shuffle redesign!

What do you think? We would love your feedback at this stage. Email and let us know what you think!

So, Shuffle is doing great right now! We are going to continue experimenting with the App Store description and keywords, continue localizing the App Store listing into other languages, and so on. Thanks for reading! We’ll see you again next month.