The Road to $10K – Part 8

How did Shuffle do in March compared to February? Was revenue up or down? What’s going on with Shuffle for Web? Read on to find out!

Welcome back to Shuffle’s “Road to $10K” blog series. We are documenting our experiments, changes, and attempt to hit $10,000 a month in revenue. We will try things that don’t work, we will try things that do, and overall we hope to show you what it’s like to grow an app business 10x in what is hopefully a short period of time!

This update for March 2020 is late, but not as late as some other updates have been. 😅 We’re once again getting back on track to providing timely, monthly updates on what we have been up to, the results, and where we hope to head next. If you missed the prior updates, use the roadto10k tag to see the whole series going back to Summer 2019.

2020 has started out much better than 2019 ended. We have seen solid gains month over month, giving us the ability to really think strategically about Shuffle’s future. Unfortunately our attention has also been pulled towards the other side of our business, so we haven’t been able to focus on Shuffle as much as we have wanted and hoped to.

Revenue for March was up only 0.81% over February for a total of $1,974. That is Shuffle’s best month yet since I acquired it in May 2019, but we were hoping for better. We were hoping to hit over $2,000 in March, but obviously we fell just short of that goal.

What did we do in March? Honestly, not much.

  • We released a new version of Shuffle’s iOS app that included multiple bug fixes
  • We paused work on Shuffle Web while we reconsidered our priorities due to mounting costs
  • We created profiles for Shuffle on sites like Betafy, Index, Indie Hackers and Promote Project to juice our SEO and interact more with other small startups
  • We made a few attempts to get a development environment running on Google App Engine and Google Compute, but kept run into issues
  • Launched our new feature request board

The most important metrics went up in March, despite others being down:

  • Impressions were up 9%
  • Product page views were up 17%
  • Conversion rate was up slightly by 0.78%
  • App installs were up 7% again to 2,264
  • Sales were up, as mentioned earlier
  • But sales per paying customer were down by 18.3% which is largely the result of acquiring new customers in overseas territories that don’t spend as much as North Americans do

All of that translates to a good month for Shuffle, and trending in the right direction.

Sales by Week: January 2020 to March 2020

Our conversion from account creation to first in-app purchase went back up from 12.8% to 17.3%, our best so far this year.

App Units (installs) by week: January 2020 to March 2020

On average we were almost able to sustain 500+ downloads per week in March and hit over 600 per week towards the end of the month.

Flurry Analytics – March 2020

As you can see above, the number of new devices added per day is peaking at higher levels than it did in prior months, and the number of active devices each day is still slightly trending upwards. Shuffle’s future looks good of this can continue.

In April you are going to see less activity. We’re taking our time really thinking about what do do next — enhance/fix the back end to make Shuffle’s connectivity more stable, move the app from Heroku to Google, or just refactor it to modernize the code, etc. Then we can turn our sights again towards the mobile app and web app to continue enhancing them.

Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback, we want it! If you tried Shuffle in the past or are an active customer, please visit our new feature request board to vote on, comment, or submit new feature ideas for us to build! Feel free to hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or through our parent company’s LinkedIn page.